4 Tips on creating a Garden in the yard – Many people want to have beautiful gardens and green lawns of his home. Here’s a Tip on creating a Garden. But due to limited time and ability, many people prefer to entrust the gardener or handyman for work on garden.

In fact, gardening actually isn’t as difficult as imagined. Besides being able to eliminate tiredness and stress, learn gardening can also save budget. But before you try, you can first consultation with experts.

Well, after learning some strategies and tips from professionals, check out some of the easy steps as the beginning of Tips on creating a Garden here.

1. Perform soil tests
Before farming, it is important to test soil type that is in the yard of your House. This way is very helpful when You want to choose the appropriate type of plant seed.

Usually the soil tests are done to find out the composition, nutritional and humidity levels (pH) soil. Then, how do I test the soil? Grab a handful of damp soil, squeeze-squeeze, and then release.

If you still want to grow a crop that is not in accordance with the type of soil that is owned, then buy plants grown with strong roots.

Move into the soil that was dug to a depth of appropriate levels of humidity is needed for these plants. So your plants can grow strong and durable.

2. Fix the drainage problem at home
Drainage is not handled properly in the housing environment can affect the structure and condition of the soil in Your yard.

Know where the flow of water to its source and make sure house building in a safe condition. Because renovation yards, either small or large scale can affect the power resapan water dwelling.

3. Increase the number of plants
The walls of the courtyard, pergola, fountain, and landscaping elements that add many yards is quite expensive when you buy in the shop ornamental plants. As a beginner, you should focus on the types and amounts of plants that like to presented in the yard.

The ideal landscape design, starting from such a low stepped stone and ornamental grasses, then switch to the flowers and plants in the vicinity. If the yard is quite extensive, do not hesitate to plant trees which make lush terraces into shade.

With a neat Setup, collection of plants can form natural fences.

4. make a list of the plants in details
Before going to the store, record the ornamental plants with detailed plant type anything you want to buy according to the type of land owned. You should consult with the designers of the park or the seller of ornamental plants that experienced regarding the idea that want to develop.

After that, collect photos or images along with information hortikulturanya plant type (such as the needs of soil, light, and adult sizes). When doing research on the types of plants, use Latin names, because the common name usually applies to several types of similar plants

Well, that’s Tips on creating a Garden. Hopefully can give your input in making a nice garden.