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Vertical Garden Guide

Example of a vertical garden
Example of a vertical garden

Vertical Garden GuideThe following will be discussed in full about the vertical garden guide. Vertical garden is a garden built on the field standing perpendicular to the ground. It’s what makes vertical garden is often also called the model of the garden wall. Vertical garden in Indonesia is also often called the garden wall, the green wall, vertical landscape, living wall, etc. Simply put, vertical garden unlike the horizontal garden model that we know all this because it was planted vertically or perpendicular.

One of the goals of the vertical garden is to overcome the limitations of the land. In addition, vertical garden can also be a means of green space that has many functions and uses, such as for example be anchoring the hot sun, reduce air pollution, improve the supply of oxygen, dampen the air pollution, and so on.

Vertical garden also has a beauty of its own that is not owned by the garden horizontally. Vertical garden can also be laid out and built anywhere, be it indoor or outdoor. Plant used is usually easily found plants, plants that are common and easily developed. (Read more – Japanese Style Garden Design).

Vertical Garden
Vertical Garden

Vertical garden is a garden that has two types of systems i.e. green facades and a living wall.

  • The Green façade: the walls are covered with vines that grow directly on the wall
  • Living Wall: a wall that given planting media for growing plants. Usually consists of a frame (frame), panel plants, irrigation system or watering and fertilizing, planting crops, and the media itself.

Making a vertical garden for that matter can be a simple way. For example, by planting crops in pots that are then arranged from top to bottom. It could be by using PVC paralon pipe or bamboo for planting crops and are arranged from top to bottom. (Read more – Roof Garden Planting Medium)

Vertical garden of disused plastic bottles
Vertical garden of disused plastic bottles

The Steps Create A Vertical Garden

  • Create the frame of material mild steel measuring approximately 0, 5×1 m and attach it to the wall using bolts or other adhesive. Give a crack at least 7 cm from the walls, so that the planting medium is not directly attached to the wall because of the damp mossy walls and can make.
  • Put 2 layers of media of cropping (coir geotextile or velt).
  • RIP the front most layer to form the hole place plant. Give a distance of 12 cm to the side and down rupture to each that will form a hole for planting.
  • Give a vertical stitch together the seams between the planting hole to keep the growing medium do not sag
  • The existence of the distance between the holes to make the planting medium is not fully covered by plants directly. It took until the plants grow and grow to cover the entire planting media.
  • It is necessary for you to choose the plants that are balanced between the roots and the heading. The root will be strong enough to sustain the leaves if the header smaller and can prevent the leaves become wilted. This is the basic concept of kesimbangan plants that should be known by you that will create a vertical garden.
  • Later, planting crops that you have selected into the hole that was created.
  • How can using roll or rockwool can also directly without any additional anything, the origin of the plant already had a nice root.
  • Watering. Use drip irrigation systems or manual watered by hand. Drip irrigation system is certainly more comfortable and not time-consuming.
  • For the drip irrigation system, ideally the distance pipe irrigation from above is 3 meters.
  • Use an automatic timer with pause also time watering can be set, for example 3 to 5 times a day, for 2 seconds each time watering.
  • To keep the fountain evenly, use a nozzle as a pressure regulator. Water droplets remaining watering which is not absorbed by the growing medium can be directly streamed to the ground or recycled back to the top.
  • We recommend that you put the plants that hold the top to dry, and wet at the bottom if there is some type of plants in Your Garden Vertical System.


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