Water Element in the Garden – Let’s read about the water element in the garden. The ELEMENT of water has plenty of meaning. What if water would like to be included as one of the elements of the House design?

The element of water is often presented to sweeten the garden, either outdoor or just plain water plants. Splash water presence, shadows of ripples pond, and Frisky fish motion can create an impression of cool and calm when we relax in the garden. (Read more – Quality Garden)

Unfortunately, often times the selection of designs and types of water element less precise or accord with the Park. As a result, the beauty of the grounds being less than optimal, and then arises a sense lazy to keep them. Water element then so dormant, dry, dirty or mossy. Whereas, not least the cost to make. Therefore, it needs careful consideration before choosing and making the water element in the garden of the House. Here are some examples of common water element is used in the home garden.

Outdoor Relief
This pool is “stuck” on the walls of natural stone wall is similar. Generally made of chicken wire, stones, and cement. The design of the pool was placed on a wall relief with the texture of the strokes-strokes a rock that creates a natural impression. The cost of making the relatively expensive due to the required power with particular expertise, especially if equipped with a waterfall that need a water pump.

Outdoor types is very appropriate when land available is relatively narrow, but provides broad enough so that the point of view of wall reliefs can be enjoyed from a distance. For example, the Park is located in the back of a narrow House, but can be enjoyed (seen) from the living room/dining room.

Outdoor relief could be made for indoor and outdoor garden. For indoor garden, should look at the air circulation so that the House is not moist, especially when decorated waterfalls. For plants to decorate small plants selected should smooth and textured dangle like centipedes fern (Nephrolepis biserata), philidendron (Philidendron Sp), and andong. Not recommended to plant plants are woody and berbatang high. When quite exposed to the Sun can also be used a flowering plant dangling such as lantana (Lantana sellowiana) and orchids.

Lighting (lighting) that highlights the direction of plants or the waterfall on the wall can display shadow effects. For a simple lighting, put the toro (Stone lanterns a la Japan) at certain points.

Maintenance of outdoor relief was relatively easy. The color is dark and rough texture makes it not easy to look dirty. Nevertheless, the pool still need to be brushed and replaced the water periodically to keep it from becoming a den of mosquitoes.

Outdoor Natural Stone
At first glance its shape is almost the same as outdoor relief, but minus the artificial wall. Made from a slab of stone and cement. The impression of wild (not well) and natural pools of stone creations blend arising from rough times and lush plants menjurai. Natural rock pools many found on the grounds of Bali, a tropical garden, and the garden of Japan. (Read more – House blend with the Garden)

For variation, you can add a fountain or waterfall and accents in the form of a statue. On the grounds of Bali, sculptures that are used are usually associated with the mythology and folklore of Bali such as frogs, turtles, and apes. While in Japan, Garden accents identifier is toro and tsukubai (water fountain bamboo pipe) as well as the family of bonsai pine and rhododendron.

Maintenance for this pool is most simple. Because of the atmosphere that allowed a natural need not be memorable too often cleaned. If there are fish to look for water and air circulation with pumps. Outdoor natural stone should be placed at the area exposed to the Sun.

If the land is relatively broad and contoured, the pool of this type can be developed into a kind of miniature River (creek). If made, it should be taken into account as a source of water and its circulation. Because it flows far enough so the water will quickly run out, so it’s a natural source of water is better. This pool is usually invite people to play on the water, especially small children, so the safety factor must be considered. The base of the pond should be made not slippery. Therefore, any kind of hard because its preservation should be brushed regularly.

Outdoor Square
His form in the form of a rectangular pond lip kolamnya decorated tiles granite or marble. Commonly used on Garden mediteran, children of Bali, and modern garden.

On the grounds of Bali, aquatic plants commonly used is Salvinia (Pistia stratiotes). For a large enough pool of usable water plants such as lotus (Nelumbo nucifera), stock (Thypa angustifolia), and water-helikonia (Thalia dealbata). While plant grounds which can add to the beauty of the pool among other Cambodia Japan (Adenium coetanum), ornamental bananas (Heliconia spp.), Codiaeum variegatum (Codeaum variegatum), and pandan bali (Pandanus tectona).

On the modern garden and mediteran, outdoor square usually serves as the reflecting pool and the focal point. Bottom often decorated stone coral brushes, ceramic mosaic motif, even coins. It acts as a focal point, lighting is in the pool. When the inside of the outdoor coated mirrors, then the pool will be memorable shower light. A plant that is widely used is succulent plants such as cycads desert Dune (Cycas revoluta), short Palm, siklok (agave Aloe), yucca (Yucca gloriosa), and cactus.

The maintenance and creation of this pool classified as expensive. Periodically should always be drained and cleaned in order not to mossy. Marble and granite materials are also quite expensive. Can be used as an alternative to ceramics, stones, or stones of the temple.

Outdoor Water
The swimming pool is water accommodate water from showers that stuck to the wall. Its size is usually small and made of concrete. This pool is usually decorated the garden of Europe, where the water memancur of gargoyles (drains) lion’s head. This pool is very suitable for small land because it can be compared to the style of garden. May as well as indoor wudlu the origin of the water cleanliness is maintained. (Read more – 4 Minimalist tropical garden Inspiration)

Making outdoor pancur is kind of hard because it must create a new water network within the firewall. Whether or not depends on the cost of expensive pumps and selection of materials (granite, marble, or concrete). For treatment, ponds need to be brushed regularly.

Outdoor Water Fountains
The pond is a round-shaped with a fountain in the middle. Large, placed on the surface of the ground, and made of concrete. The “footed” little and sold in the form of “so” of fiberglass or ceramics. Its maintenance is classified as difficult as periodically to be cleared and drained.

Outdoor large-sized, harmonious complement the European garden, children’s Garden, and modern islam. This formal style gardens third symmetric, i.e. the composition of recurring plant at its four corners. The pool is usually decorated ornemental detail and placed in the garden as a focal point.

Lighting focuses on the fountain or outdoor detail raises an interesting shadows. Do not put high garden lights near the pool so as not to snatch the attention.

Plant used is usually a smooth textured and trimmed. For plant height, choose plants that are not dominant form or color such as pandan and yuka so there is a balance between the ponds and plants. Not recommended using aquatic plants.

Water plants in the Pot
Large pots contains a variety of aquatic plants or aquatic plants can give a single accent in a garden. Lighting that is focused on a flower or plant canopies can provide a different view.

Large terracotta colour pot-shaped jar very appropriate with tropical-style indoor corner garden or Bali. Aquatic plants used varies from Papyrus to water hyacinth (Eichornia crassipes). Can be combined with animal sculptures and potted plants. When wearing the flowering aquatic plants such as lotus, daylight must be sufficiently available so that the plant can bloom.

Potted white/light footed and can be used for formal composition, such as European style garden. Aquatic plants are used we recommend are small such as Salvinia. While for Japan, the pot should be put as a focal point. Combine with elements like bamboo and widespread coral with interesting compositions.

Maintenance of potted plants is fairly easy since it does not need to be cleaned up or drained. But note it clean so as not to become a den of mosquitoes.

In designing, some type of outdoor can be combined so that a unique memorable as outdoor relief, naturally and the mini combined on grounds major area, or an outdoor shower in the shape of a natural stone. Elements of the complement can also be combined contrasted according to the wishes and imagination. Happy gardening! Water Element in the Garden!