10 plants that are suited to Vertical Gardens – Garden or vertical garden often seen lately. Not only pretty for the interior, vertical garden is also good for kindling the exterior your home.

Here is a plant that is perfect for you select Create your vertical garden.

1. Aeschynanthus toxicodendron

This plant is known by the nickname ‘ Lipstick ‘ plant because its shape resembles that of a lipstick. This is one of the best plants for vertical garden. Can grow inside or outside the room.

Although it will not bloom in conditions of maximum temperatures and warm atmosphere, but with good lighting it can survive in dry conditions.

This plant looks beautiful with red flowers and green leaves are glistening. Your House will be so more beautiful and vibrant nightlife. (Read more – Vertical Garden Tips)

2. Nephrolepis exaltata
This plant is known as Fern snow. The interesting thing about this plant is very easy to be treated and guarded the sustainability of fertility and freshness. Will grow in damp Eve. Nice also placed for the pool.

3. Acacia cognata
The reason why this plant called limelight bower wattle is because he gave a unique attraction on the wall of your House.

These plants fill in the spaces in the walls, giving it a more complete look. Usually this plant so plant lovers choice.

4. Epipremnum
This plant is commonly known as ‘ Pothos ‘. If you have a patch where access to low light, this plant is the best choice for this condition. Regardless, this plant can be easily arranged to hang or climb, and that’s why he’s a great choice for decorating.

5. Dracaena
This plant is entered in the list of plants vertical garden majorly because of its popularity. The main reason why he became the popular choice was because of the color of its leaves. You can expect the colors of white, yellow, red, and cream will be graced the walls of your home thanks to this plant. (Read more – Vertical Garden Guide)

6. Hoya carnosa
Known as the ‘ flower candles ‘, this plant is a great choice for smaller gardens. Great for the garden and outdoor can be easily directed to grow on the walls.

7. Stephanotis floribunda
This plant is widely known as a ‘ Wedding Vine ‘, because it is a popular choice in wedding decorations. The flowers are white, large, and spread the aroma of fragrant for vertical garden.

8. Epipremnum aureum
This plant is known as the ‘ original monstera Australia ‘ because it requires minimal care. Suitable for overcoming the lack of vertical gardening ideas if you are still in try.

9. Spathiphyllum wallisii
This plant is quite commonly known and exist in many children’s home. Also known as ‘ peace lilies ‘. He doesn’t need a lot of care and therefore easy to observe it. Even in low light or low humidity old flowers of this plant can turn green, so it still looks interesting.

10. Codiaeum variegatum pictum
The plant is also known as stau ‘ Croton ‘. He’s going to grow really good if it has access to the bright light. This plant hit the wall because it looks beautiful.

Well that’s 10 plants that are suited to Vertical Gardens. Hopefully useful!.