15 Ways to always Fertile Plants – Plants in the home page makes the air around the home becomes more crisp, in addition to providing the benefits of providing fresh air and healthy, the plant also makes the home look more beautiful and gorgeous. (Read more – 10 Tips on Caring for Plants)

Plant crops in the crop so rawat shall always look healthy and fresh and can pamper the eyes to see it, take care of the actual plant is not difficult after learning techniques for caring for plants to always fertile.

1. Caring for the flowers
Flowers with variety of colors and many has this need care that cannot easily, in addition to any cost him high enough, if you want to minimize costs there are some easy and practical way.
Prepare several woody stems that are already dry, then fuel up to the ashes, babu sprinkle on the roots of roses, do the ash on the roots of roses, do semingu once routinely, the result of the roses in your home will flourish

2. Banana peels To Fertilize
Genesis flowers wilted leaf yellowing and leaf loss and others often occurs on plants grown in pots, this occurs because the source of the nutrient elements is reduced so that the soil is less fertile, to address it can use banana peels, do I take the skin banana and save for a few days, after it looks brownish and looks dry, grow until soft, then sprinkle each morning and evening on your plant flowers

3. Simplify the plant Quickly bear fruit
Often encountered when buying fruit in place of the plants bear fruit sales, but when planted a year in perpetuity, the fruit never grow if you find such a thing, try fertilizer plant by utilizing the rest of coconut fibres are not unused, do it twice in a week, hopefully the plant no longer will be lush and dense bear

4. Use of fertilizer
Granting of fertilizer on plants is very important perananya for plant growth itself, therefore the election proper should be appropriate fertilizer dosage and takaranya, to a new crop is planted or during vegetative growth (shoot and leaf), We recommend that you use a fertilizer with a high nitrogen content, while when the plant is generative (development), preferably selected i.e. manure fertilizer with high phosphorus content

5. Plant Pest Repellent
Insect pests often being the cause of destruction of your favorite plants, to prevent such things, tanamlah, kristan generanium flowers, daisies and nasturtium around your plants, this flower has four substances and smells not very liked by insects In addition, your plants will increase beautiful with the presence of the beautiful flowers that

6. Tea Dregs Fertilize Plants
Everyone must have seen growing ornamental plants lush, dense and beautiful do if you like to drink tea, don’t immediately throw the remains of ampasnya so, preferably remaining dregs of tea that you used to fertilize plants in pots, tea dregs can be Instead the role of compost to fertilize the plants.

It’s easy, sprinkle the dregs around plant roots while embedded into the ground, when using the teabag, open the wrapping paper used to be the dregs of tea

7. Onion Skin Fertilize Plants
For those of you frequently use garlic to Cook, after skinning the onion, don’t first Peel, as well as tea and banana peels, onion skin able to fertilize.

How easy to collect the rest of the onion skin peelings or white, then soak it in water to taste for one night, the next day siramkan water and the onion skin to plant, do continue to routinely and haslnya can immediately retrieved. (Read more – Seed Planting Tips Guide)

8. Watering flower pots
Hanging pot is great for narrow land greenwash because it requires extensive land, but potted plants hung cause problems when flushing, water flushing will usually continue to trickle down so that floor so muddy and dirty, for get over it you can use ice cubes as Chair of the water, ice cubes as Chair of the water ice cubes will slowly melt and seep into the ground too slowly so as not to drip onto the floor

9. Wear a natural pesticide
Plants found on the home page is often the same pest came in users, if not immediately addressed, this pest-pest can damage plants, how practical is the use of environmentally friendly natural petisida.

Environmentally-friendly pesticide can be made by yourself, do I take full segemgam chilli curly, then puree with a blender or mash, mix it with 500 ml of water, then dry in the Sun for a few minutes, strain and input solution pepper spray into the bottle, ready to use natural pesticides

10. Discard the leaves Wither
The leaves of the plant easily dull and berdemu, even if placed in a room, especially a plant leaf width, to overcome it, combine the water with baby oil to taste, input into the bottle of spraying, then spray the leaves of houseplants every day, the result will look more glossy leaves

11. Remove the leaf Aglaonema
Aglonema is one of the ornamental plants digantrungi communities, daunya look interesting is its own allure to anyone who saw it in order to plant aglaonema look beautiful and attractive as well as daunya menghilap, apply the milk to the leaves aglaonema, milk that is used can be pure milk or milk powder dissolved in water, do not use sweet milk because it will invite ants, before applying milk, clear daunya in advance

12. The care of Orchids
If you are one of the pengemar anggrek nourish by using simple way as follows, take pieces of the leaves and stems of young Chinese patai, after that mashed both and let the mixed perfectly, after a smooth and well mixed, sprinkle into the plant orchids in addition, can also by mashing two tablets of antibiotic drugs, and then inserted into a filled water sprayer, spray the roots and leaves of orchids

13. Taking care of orange flowers
To get rid of pests especially in ornamental plants or crops of oranges at home, can be done by way of mashing until smooth, then charcoal, charcoal powder is thrown on the surface of a pot or vase or under the orange trees, any pest eliminated by itself

14. Strengthen the Eggshells Stalk
Egg, is the cheapest source of protein and is easily processed for food, biasnya after cooking the eggs will leave waste in the form of shells, it turns out egg shells are rich in calcium that can strengthen the stalk of the plant, how dry egg shells from the remnants of the egg whites, then mash until smooth, spread the powder egg shells around the plant once a month. (Read more – Circular garden in Philadelphia, beautiful and unique!)

15. So that the Flowers are not easily Wilt
Durability of flowers that have been strung together in pots or pots of different biasnya with flowers that are still allowed to grow in media land, flowers have been placed at the pots relative easier wither
The problem can be addressed by mememarkan the base of the stalk of a flower, before rearranges the flowers in a vase or assembled, first insert a small piece of charcoal into the pots and give water to taste, this way the flowers will be growing longer.

The first step to do is to provide a medium plant clean, wash the vase you until clean, then fill again with clean water to taste, then add one spoon of salt into flower vase that had been given water and mix well, After the salt mixed perfect, enter and sets back the flowers into the vase.

Well, that’s about 15 Ways to always Fertile Plants. Hopefully useful!.