3 Tricks take care of Garden – The GARDEN will always be wonderful if treated. Without regular maintenance, the once beautiful garden undoubtedly will continue to be beautiful. Do we have to every day care for children? Can be Yes, could not. All it it is up on the conditions of your garden. The following three tricks that you can apply to take care of Garden:

1. During the dry season, flush the plant twice a day in the morning and afternoon.
Plant “drank” a lot of water in the afternoon until the morning. In addition, avoid watering plants in broad daylight under the blazing sun. The details of the water that clings to the surface like glass, convex if sunlight, can make the surface of some types of leaves are scorched. In the rainy season, flush the plant only when the soil starts to look dry up.

2. Trim the dried leaves or the leaves are eaten insects.
Dried leaves or leaves are serrated since edible insects can reduce the beauty of the garden. Rotten leaves can become a nest of insect pest. However, if there is open land, immerse the leaves last in the ground. The compost will be created, and the fertility of the soil increased. (Read more – Fuchsia Flower)

3. Do fertilization.
The best way is to add compost. Previously, hoes and being touted the surface. During that process, add compost into it. Chemical fertilizers can be added, with a note of soil and plants very need it. Simply to obtain a lush, green leaves, add urea. At the plant the fruit and flowers, add fertilizer NPK. Its use must match any measure. The excess doses thus can kill the plant. (Read more – 15 Ways to always Fertile Plants) *

Well, it was about trik take care of Garden. Happy gardening!