A garden inside the house – The discussion this time was a garden inside the house. A garden inside the house is indeed very important to give freshness. Want to green your home atmosphere and yet giddy because the constraints of minimal land or due to living in an apartment? No need to be disappointed and hurriedly seek a new residence, but try some tricks below in mengkreasikan green atmosphere at your residence.

The limited space sometimes carry the psychological impact is not good for its inhabitants. Plus more when we are not good at in organizing the items in storage. In this case, sometimes we crave a green atmosphere of freshness that is commonly obtained from the Park. But what power if we have space limited. Here are some ideas and tricks that we hope can help create a bit of freshness in the House.

Create a green indoors it takes extra accuracy. A lot of things that need to be prepared, from determining the best spot, plant species, and also an interesting design. Not only providing supply freshness, variety of green and flowers are placed in any room is able to create artistic effects. Isabelle Palmer, an expert to create a garden in this little area explains that fresh ideas are indispensable as we intend to create with the garden of the House in order to give the impression of the unique placement of plants.

1. Parse Select spot
Be sure to find enough room humidity and air circulation. The area near the kitchen or near the bathroom could be an option. Try to let the air around it is quite with the availability of ventilation or can be diakali with a fan on the floor. Do not put the plant on the floor made from wood or carpet. Put on top of ceramic or marble, or given a rock pedestal, which is to maintain the condition of the floor so fast is not damaged by the process of the penyiramanan routine on a plant on it. Sufficient lighting is also important. Avoid areas that are too cool or too hot to direct sunlight. Lighting could use some fluorescent lamps or broad spectrum lights.

2. a suitable Plant
Certain types of plants that can be used as options include bonsai, terracotta, chrysanthemum, Lily, daisy, aglaonema, bamboo palm, as well as Aloe Vera. It not only gives a touch of green, the plant also helps to clean up air pollution.

3. Creative placement
Create the impression “wow” by choosing a unique pot. You can use the bulb used, bottles, wooden boxes, also a former wine. For placing also does not always have to be horizontal. Making a vertical garden could be an attractive alternative, especially if You occupy a storied residential. It is also delivered by Chris McLaughlin of Placerville, California, who writes the blog A Suburban Farmer, explained that making a vertical garden is not as complicated as imagined because the treatment is quite easy, no need to be too often weeding out the grass, a bit of watering and not much fertilizer.

4. beautiful Design
To place it could be by hanging, wearing a small basket, trellis, or arranged on the walls. Not only can put living room, but can be placed near the bathroom sink, pantry, or hung above the dining table. Another way to create “mini Garden” is a concept with a large terrarium, that is placed in a glass container (resembling an aquarium), e.g. jar, or a large glass bottle. His planting media quite with rock, sand, certain types of mosses, compost, humus, soil charcoal, sand and zeolites, ornamental stone. The types of plants that can be selected is sansiviera, cacti, bromeliads and succulent.

Well, it’s about a garden inside the house. May be useful, the spirit of gardening!