Beautiful Garden Barrier Dust – The House behind the hedgerows duranta was not disturbed, despite being in a noisy traffic lanes and filled with dust. The atmosphere remained calm and fresh air.

The House is located on the edge of the main road traffic is quite busy. Noise and dust become part of everyday life that can’t be avoided any longer. However conditions are apparently not too noticeably when we enter the area of the House. Tranquility and peace precisely into the atmosphere.

Why, Yes? The grounds bordering the road closed the fence as high as 180cm. The fence is actually open because it awakened from a series of iron formed resembles ran ting. But in the outer side of the fence were planted with tea tree-tehan (duranta) se height 2 meters.

Tea-tehan was already grown and cut from the outer and inner side of the fence. This is what makes the fence so it is “closed”. Even the existence of the iron fence invisible from the outside. Duranta is also as effective noise filter, as well as being a good dust arrestor.

Bagitulah, so we are not surprised if the noise and dust far dwindling when we were in the area. In addition, inmates get privacy because the atmosphere behind the fence invisible from the outside.

Side within the fence strung planted iris. Tall iris not more than 40 cm. Compared to the height of 2 m, to reach duranta compositionally interesting contrast. The expanse of elephant grass are planted around the iris, the more complete the greenery in the area of the grounds that.

Furthermore, the layangkanlah view to the entire corner of the yard. There is a fish pond at the side of the driveway leading to the main door. The floor of the road to the main door is made from sheets of solid wood boards. On the other side of the pool, in addition to a smorgasbord of elephant mini, also planted a variety of plant flowers.

In the midst of the garden, made the flow path from cement and sand combined with coral stone brush. Groove Street is rectangular, with a measure of variety. Therefore, the appearance of a foothold so monotonous.

One corner of overgrown shrubs, whereas the other side garden with a simple design. Alloy Bush with a clean design is really enrich the atmosphere of the Park.