Benefits of Plants in The Workplace – This time we will discuss the benefits of plants in the workplace. The benefits of plants in the workplace is very much. Back to the Office after spending the holidays end of year, making you have to have more motivation. Especially if your Office is designed kubikel which limits space motion. (Read more – Mosquito Repellent Plants)

Most of the well lit by artificial lighting. A few fortunate get natural light and great views from the window. However a poor room ventilation will spread the disease.

Refer to the following information about the benefits of plants in the workplace:

1. Against formaldehyde
One of the chemical compounds released by the Office furniture is the synthesis of formaldehyde that can keep the mucous membranes of the eyes become irritated. Not only that, also cause irritation of the nose and throat and is also allergic to the skin.

Irritation of the eyes, upper respiratory tract, headache and become a common symptom if the body is contaminated with dangerous chemicals. The high carbon dioxide levels and inhaled by friends sekantor can give the impression of a musty especially when AIR CONDITIONING was not turned on.

Indoor plant will purify the air, reducing volatile organic compounds, including formaldehyde. A study by NASA show the plants were able to filter out pollutants, and removes a variety of organic compounds from the air effectively.

Look for plants are medium-sized and large-leaved to eliminate pollutants with maximum.

2. fix the balance of bacteria in the room
There are trillions of bacteria that exist in the Office but only a small number are entered through an open window. Most of the bacteria, fungi, and viruses comes from humans.

The Office has become a new habitat for microbes. These bacteria may not be good for your health. By putting plants in the Office desk, can stabilize ecological environment synthetically constructed. Bacteria in plants also help avoid an outbreak of pathogenic microbial biodiversity by increasing and balancing a complex eksosistem.

It is recommended you use a potting medium. Larger potted plants means more mass of roots and soil surface that are beneficial to other bacterial and microbial habitats.

3. Beat stress
During the last 30 years, research has shown that green spaces contribute to the health of the community. Contact with nature can be distracted from thoughts of stress to a more positive emotional state.

Most offices have a poor ventilation system with natural light. Therefore, choose plants that are not too difficult to take care of him, able to survive without water in the other, and was able to hang on to a little sunshine. Avoid flowering plants as well to avoid allergies on flowers.

Well it is, about the benefits of plants in the workplace. Hopefully useful!