Country Home Garden Ideas – Beautiful country home garden ideas. The outside area is not always in the form of green areas or lined. Circulation paths must exist to care for the plant, which is designed to be unobtrusive and does not damage the Park. That’s the hallmark of country home garden ideas. (Read more – European Home Gardens)

Just look at this country-style garden. Among the green plants and trees there are expanses of corals as wide as 60 cm, which accompanied us to the door of the House. Among the sprinkling of coral it is footing a unique heart-shaped platform, which is in the upper part arrangement of coated ceramic pieces different colors. The footing is 1, 5 m it helps direct the guest to enjoy the Park.

Complementary elements that remind us of the grounds in the past is a park bench & accessories retro phraseology. Among other things, ornament lamp, home number, floor mosaics, and the handrail or handle on the side walls to help lead the way on the stairs. (Read more – Mini River in Garden)

Country Home Garden Ideas

Country Home Garden Ideas

A retro atmosphere that is reinforced by the use of brick walls as the facade of the residence. Interestingly, the brick used orange-colored with different gradations. NAT antarbatu-gray colored brick in favor of accentuating the color orange. It also makes it look more alive. The giving of the white color on the window sills and doors make the whole atmosphere of the outdoor space-forming elements that support each other and look beautiful.

The fence, as delimiter with a public area, also white. This fence is made of iron, but received the finishing seems similar to a wood fence. Only 115 cm high, making the beauty of the garden truly can be enjoyed by anyone who’s passing.

Well, it’s about country home garden ideas. Hopefully useful, happy gardening!