Dual Function Glass Fence – Not only protect homes, fences also add a beautiful look of the facade. What’s a fence made of glass.

Beautiful house facades design sometimes enclosed by walls fences tend to be massive. For those of you who want to avoid this phenomenon, glass railing can be so choice.

The nature of glass transparent make the look of the home more exposure. Every detail of the shape and the material is not deterred. Even the Green Garden area can be enjoyed from the outside of the House.

Although the nature of the glass more fragile than other conventional materials, but does not reduce its function as guardian of the House. “By using a glass fence then people will be more difficult to climb the fence,” said Hery Sulistyono, architect Adhi Graha Mandiri ever designing a glass fence previously. That way, a thief so reluctant to break through.

But there are several things to consider in building glass fence, such as the use of this type of tempered glass with a thickness of at least 8 mm-12 mm. it is aimed so that the fence is more powerful and dangerous when not to break or crack.

As for the “binding” the glass to stand, it takes the “U”-shaped pegs placed on order like brick walls, reinforced concrete, aluminium or stainlees steel.

This clamp can be either lis aluminum or overdraft be sekonengan given a layer of rubber or sealent. This put a damper on rubber vibrations on the glass so that the potential for broken glass or cracking can be reduced.

The glass should also be installed at a height 130 cm-140 cm. This case raises the broken glass scraped or hit hard objects that fly when the vehicle travels.

Interesting isn’t it?