Easy Hydroponics for Beginners – This time we will discuss about easy hydroponics for beginners. Make hydroponic plants in modern times is very important. This easy hydroponics for beginners. Hydroponics is becoming a way of planting crops that are rising. This way the rage due to plant the plants no longer required an extensive land and property. How to plant with hydroponics, you no longer need to concern themselves will be planted where, because you can plant anywhere. You can use materials and can be hung them up on the wall. Not only that, the media cultivation using this water can hone your creativity to manipulate and create new media for farming.

By planting wearing how to hydroponics, then yields will be faster. However, you should also pay attention to other aspects, namely; accuracy in administering nutrients, light intensity, and also the temperature around the plant to grow. For those of you who are beginners, things that you should notice is the water of nutrients that are really appropriate and can be absorbed perfectly. This is because using the hydroponic way, then the nutrients obtained only through water nutrients only.

For you newbies who are still confused with how to hydroponic cultivation, just look below on easy hydroponics for beginners:

How to plant a hydroponics
There are several ways to perform a hydroponic cultivation

1. How to plant using hydroponics NFT (Nutrient Film Technique)
This way is the most popular way used by many people in applying planting hydroponics.

How to plant:

  1. Prepare some pipe or gutter, and pumps.
  2. Make a dot at pipe in accordance with the length. Make sure the distance of one hole and another hole is the same.
  3. Stacking of pipe or gutter which is prepared to be the place to plant crops.
  4. Holding the tip to prepare the lower pipe.
  5. Attach the pump to drain the water of nutrients in order for maximum flow
  6. The way this one has a basic concept to plant the roots of the plants grow on the lining of the nutrients that are not in and keeping its circulation so that the plant still get nutrients, oxygen, and water is very good and would be sure.

2. How to plant hydroponic uses WICK
The second way to plant hydroponics is also not less famous with the first way. This way is preferred because of its creation are easy as well as materials that are easily obtained and inexpensive. Even you can use used items.

You just need to set up:

  1. 1 bottle of mineral water
  2. Cutting tools
  3. Wick stove or flannel
  4. Tool for punching holes may be solder or spikes
  5. Water nutrition

How to make:

  1. Cut bottles into 2 parts.
  2. Give a pit bottle cap.
  3. Merge to two bottles. The trick is to reverse the part bottle spout facing down.
  4. Install the wick burner or flannel on the hole in the bottle cap, make sure Wick fabric can absorb water or nutrients.
  5. Planting the seeds of the plant on the top of the bottle to the ground to taste.
  6. Fill the bottom part of the bottle with water nutrition

Doing so is easy hydroponics for beginners. By wearing two ways to grow vegetables and how to grow a plant by means of hydroponics, you could save time and a place for treatment. May be useful.