Ground Cover Plants – There are a few ground cover plants. Growing service landscaper giving large selection of types of plants to choose from. So too with a variety of options for plant cover the soil in the garden or your home page. Why is it called ground cover plants? This is because not all plants can be called plants cover the ground. This plant is able to protect the soil from the threat of damage by erosion and improving soil physical and chemical properties. However, as the plant is easily propagated, the system has a rooting doesn’t bother staple crops, grow fast and produce leaves, tolerant of pruning, also has an altitude of about 4-5 centimeters. (Read more – Synthetic Grass Decoration)

Ground cover plants function closes and protects the soil surface, absorbs water and supplying oxygen so friendly to the environment. Another advantage, the home page that covered the ground cover plant for safe family relaxation or a play area for children. Well, the plant below you can make ground cover plants as reference:

1. Elephant Grass (Axonopus compressus) Grass is the most popular and widely used in residential gardens. The price is relatively cheaper than other types of grass. However, this quickly growing grass then must diligently perform pruning to keep it uncluttered.

2. Mini Elephant Grass (Pennisetum purpureum schmach) Grass is much smaller than the elephant grass. Unlike the elephant grass, the grass type is slower in the Affairs of pruning because the growth is slow. The grass is also the choice of karrena leaves don’t grow upwards but sideways, so that the look of the grass become nicer.

3. Mini Elephant Grass Lawn Varigata this is similar to the type of elephant grass mini, but has a tinge of white on the leaves. Her treatment is also more Extras, because these need more grass watered and nurtured urea regularly.

4. Mini mini Leek Leek still one family with Allium Tuberosum Japan. Mini leek has a lot of chicks or new shoots grow so that it can spread. Chives can close the land as does the lawn when planted in large quantities. In her treatment, chives need a little water but be combined with landscape plants because he was not happy the direct heat of the Sun God.

5. Onions-bawangan form of the tuber and leaves resembling onions. This plant is called onion-bawangan. Plants with a height of approximately 30 centimetres it will look beautiful when planted in large quantities. The flower color of any variety, there is a yellowish white, white, yellow, pink, too. Bawangan-onion consumption is usually combined with a type of grass. This plant is adaptable and can be propagated by seed or rumpunnya good separation. (Read more – 4 Beautiful Garden Grass)