Hanging Pots For Plants – HAVE a cool and comfortable home is certainly fun. One way of doing it is to create a garden at the home page with a hanging pots. The existence of the park presents a soothing shades of green plants. In addition, the Park is also a means of good air circulation. (Read more – Pot Water Garden)

The problem arises if the land for the Park was very limited. Although actually, the size of the land does not need matter lah. Many kok how to circumvent the problem of this land. One of them is by creating a garden in a pot. Hanging pots.

Potted plants, in addition to practical because it saves land, also easily moved about. However, often when a collection of potted plants You grow, appear also new hassles. How ya set the pot plants, so as not to seem cluttered?

About that, we actually do not need to worry. This problem is no solution. If it lands on the ground was full, use a hanging pot. Penggantungnya can create new or take advantage of the existing thrift. (Read more – Beautiful Green Wall)

For example, use the iron fence that is no longer used as a penggantung. Paste this in the fence wall and use sections of the fence as a place to hang the pot. To hang the potted plant, you need to pay attention to rope or wire penggantungnya. Make sure the wire or rope strong enough to withstand a load of pots and plants that will be suspended.

The question of the types of plants, choose plants that are long or reinforced that leaves dangle down. This kind of beautiful when hung.

Good luck making a hanging pots!