Mosquito Repellent Plants – This time we will discuss about the Mosquito Repellent Plants. Mosquito repellent plants is very important for us. The dry season is happening this year is indeed belongs to a long season. It is estimated by the end of this year, Indonesia is still hit by drought. And realized it or not, the dry season brings a pretty annoying little problems at home, namely the emergence of mosquito attacks. Especially for those of you who live in the urban areas of the city and has a garden and shady trees in the home garden, mosquitoes are the things that will surely become a new problem even during the night. Yes, sengatannya are sharp enough to cause patches of red and swollen bumps. (Read more – Plant Relaxation)

For those of you who are looking for a practical way, do the spraying or fogging at home is an option which is quite fast, but certainly leave residues in mattresses, pillows and wall and necessarily dangerous if inhaled while breathing. Here we provide tips to prevent mosquitoes at home with a more natural way with mosquito repellent plants.

Geranium – Vinca
Bright colour is as beautiful as the function enhancements, in addition to being ornamental plants, flowers can also repel mosquitoes. Contains geraniol and sitronelol substances that easily blend in with the air, the two substances are the scents that are hated by mosquitoes. Planting only in small pots and the lay near a window or a fan, wherever that produce air that is moving.

Lemon Grass Scented Lemongrass
Certainly this plant very closely for those of you who love to Cook, or BREW the fragrant for health. But it turns out the other functions of this spice crop was expelled and geraniol content with nyamul sitronelol. You can be planted in the yard of the House, or make the form of extracts or Lemongrass oil.

You often hear it in advertisements of anti mosquito lotions instead? Yes, plants this is indeed very aslis Switzerland is utilized for the raw material manufacture anti mosquitoes that would result in products of perfume or lotion. In addition to the growing of these crops in both inside and outside the home, the flowers will be hand-rubbed rubbing to as protection will be a mosquito bite, because it contains compounds linalool lynalyl acetate and that is not favored mosquito.

This ornamental plants usually planted in yards, but also in small pots. May be located near a window or grab the leaves and then rub it into the skin as a natural mosquito repellent.

Marygold – Flower
Do not consider trivial flowers commonly grown into weeds, because it smells foul evidently also hated by the mosquito. Necessarily these plants could be attractive options for home garden planted in instead?

In addition to the problem of the mosquito problem, the wooden furniture or furniture also became another important issue that could be done by you at home. (Read more – Fuchsia Flower)

Well that is mosquito repellent plants. Happy gardening!