Tulip Garden Amsterdam – Netherlands synonymous with tulip. Tulip garden amsterdam is very beautiful. As spring arrives, a garden full of colorful tulips Amterdam as fairytale, this is Keukonhof.

Festival of tulips in Amsterdam is one of the things that was ringing in my brain when planning roads to Amsterdam. Finally Saturday, may 6, 2017, my husband and I decided to visit Keukonhof, one of the Sea Garden tulips in the Netherlands.

We set off early in the day headed to schipol airport. From Schipol I bought tickets costing 29 Euro (or 24 euros, slightly forgotten) to Schipol-bus travel Keukonhof-Schipol along with admission to Keukonhof.

Tulip Garden Amsterdam

Tulip Garden Amsterdam

These tickets can be bought online, but for my husband and I are travelling free, online ticket buying is not an option, because there is a possibility we replace the destination in a matter of hours. Indeed buy offline should be queued.

But don’t worry, because the queue length keukonhof is served with the staff deftly from tulip garden in amsterdam. So in 10 minutes only the tickets are already in the hands of. To enjoy the Tulip garden amsterdam is very beautiful.

As one of the leading tourist attractions in the Netherlands, tulip garden amsterdam many facilities that make it easier for travelers to the Keukenhof. For example from the ticketing counter to towards the pool bus, many provided directions from the banner.

Directions to friendly staff who approached people face confused way like me. Even the staff this could be found at a distance of 5 metres on probably every tulip garden in amsterdam.

I forget exactly how long, but it was not until an hour, we arrived at the place of the festival of flowers. Even before reaching the destination place, we passed many a sea of colorful flower gardens that pamper the eyes, a sign we are getting closer.

Arriving at the keukenhof flower festival, already we estimate we had to stand in line to get in. But the long queues that do not take a long time just like when purchasing tickets.

Feelings welled up that appears when we walking first time entry to the festival. Ahead of us lay the garden tulips arranged. In this place, you not only see the expanse of the tulip. There is a museum that illustrates the process of planting and history of tulips, place gift shop, restaurant up to brother-brother eskrim kind are lined up neatly in a variety of angles.

The Festival was present at the end of March to the end of may, for clearer details of the date, can visit holland-explorer.com year you departed. If you guys visited the Netherlands, where this mandatory visit let alone who like photographs. Tulip garden amsterdam is very beautiful.