Types and classification of Plants – Let’s read the types and classification of plants here. To be a reference to garden in our homes. In a garden, plant different types of disaggregated in some groups. Generally, the following types and classification of plants:

  1. Tree. This plant is kind of high at least 4, 5 m and has a trunk, branches, and twigs. Some people choose tananam fruitful, some plants flowering only. On a narrow land, flowering plants will further enliven the atmosphere. An example for this, among others, Lagerstroemia, handkerchief, casia, golden or red Erythrina Variegata. Application: planted on the edge of the terrace with the betel plant is put in ivory, will make the look more green.
  2. The high bushes. This plant is the kind that typically reaches 2 m-4, 5 m. Example: Cambodia, Euphorbia pulcherrima, kenanga.
  3. Bushes are. This is the type of plants with a height between 1 m-2 m. For example, among others, jasmine, rose, and the kemuning.
  4. Low shrubs. This category is specific to a group of plants with a height of between 30 cm-1 m. Ornamental plants in this group include soka, Cosmos caudatus, vinca, aglonema, and elephant ear.
  5. Ground cover. This is the maximum height growth plants 30 cm. Usually this type of plant is made into border (border) a garden,. Be the delimiter between the terrace with grass, for example. Included in this category, among other plant beans, grass chives, and soka.
  6. Grass. In addition to ground cover, we also get to know various kinds of turf-type plant that lies in an area of the ground. The easiest treatment is light while growing grass an elephant. Other types that are more subtle, with leaves resembling a needle, is the grass peking grass and manila.

Well, that’s a bit of an overview of the types and classification of plants. Happy gardening!.