Vertical Garden Tips – Vertical garden — often called vertical garden landscape, vertical, greenwall, or living wall — was built perpendicular, generally sticking to the wall. (Read more – Vertical Garden Guide)

Not only in the outer walls of houses, vertical garden can also be made in fencing, the roof of the building, or in the room.

Vertical garden can be created with various materials, such as bricks, pipe paralon, shelves, panels, modules, bags, and more.

Here are four things to consider in making a vertical Garden:

1. Planting Media
Because it is installed in the vertical plane, the most important thing is the selection of the media for planting. Some media are often used for planting on a vertical garden is cocopeat, husk, pumice, perlite, seaweed, and others. (Read more – Seed Planting Tips Guide)

A lightweight growing medium is highly recommended, since it does not overload the wall structure, such as a mixture of peatmoss (peat) and cocopeat. Peat contains nutrients for growth and good for storing water cocopeat.

2. Type Of Plant
Many of the plants chosen for the vertical garden is that it can propagate or grow dangle down. Example: adiantum (adiantum) paris, lili, phytonia, bromeliads, kadaka, Horn, ivory, deer fern boston, and others.

3. Plant Composition
In order to look beautiful, vertical garden using more than one type of plant with composition and color. The plant also must be adjusted with the placement: indoor or outdoor. For applications in indoor, children must be assisted with artificial light as a light source for the process of photosynthesis.

4. Watering
If the vertical garden is not too high (maximum of 2.5 meters), watering can be done manually using a hose. While the fertilization can use sprayers (sprayer).

When the size is big, mechanical watering systems should be used with pumps and fertilizing with infusions or dosing unit. To avoid hassle, can use timer (timer) that will automatically set times of watering and fertilizing.

So is the article about the vertical garden tips. Next may the vertical garden tips can be used as a reference in creating a beautiful garden. (Read more – Making a Vertical Garden)